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Lunch break

   Hi all y'all meat/veg heads! This is going to be a short post since i have to go back to learning in a few minutes. I'm just here to say hi, and that we are going to FLORIDA in 24 days! YAYYAYAY! On Sunday my Gramma is taking me shopping for summer clothes for my b-day! I luuuuuuuuv late birthday presents!!! I need another bathing suit, too. I only have one that fit's, insanity! When in Florida get more then one bathing suit! Hahahahaha! Yeah, i'm stupid....... Anyways, the Sunday after this one is my dance recital! Oh gosh i'm nervous! Wish me luck and hope i don't fall off stage! Anyone else in blogger land who has something important coming up??? This year i'm gonna probably get my fourth medal from dance. I am now gonna also have more awards to add to my wall, so far i have about 50 ribbons from gymnastics, 4 medals from dance, 2 certificates from dance, and one trophy, you guessed it, from dance. I do allot in dance. I went to dance camp 2 years ago, that's where i got my 'Dancing Diva' award. Oopses! I need to math or something!

Allot of luvz and kisses,


Corrina <3<3


Ley Firewalker said...

Have fun in Flordia when you go! =)

-Ley <3

Cliona said...

Awwwwww lucky you!!! I want to go to Florida! I do dance too, Irish dance. What sort of dance do you do?

Jedi~Chick said...

OOH!!!! Where in Florida are you going? I live in Florida. ;)

I have a dance recital coming up too! And I'm going to a homeschool convention and Star Wars Weekends in two weeks. :D


Jedi~Chick <33

Bethany said...

Oh cool, Florida sounds fun.
DOesn't Justin Bieber live right next to Florida? Just kidding (although he might:).

I have a recital coming up at my co-op YEA!!!! Not. Well, kind of...:) I have to play the violin and sing...not at the same time, though...:)