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Done school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   Heya! I am officially DONE school! I just did my science project! I got an A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMPPPPP!!!!!!!!  It was on teeth! Any one else who's done school on memorial day?? Now i'm just waiting for my cousins to show up so we can have lunch! My auntie fufu is allways late. No. That is not her real name, her real name is Jenifer, but some kid used to call her Jenifufu and the name stuck. I hate when embarrassing names stick to you! Like my cousins nickname is Sheesh. Mine was Beana, for some odd reason, cassidy is just Cass, Kaylyn is KK, Jordan is Jords, and Hunter...... I don't know... But i call him hey you. My nickname THANKFULLY only lasted until i was 7. Now i'm Corrina, corynsa, corris, carynia, and anything else like that! So, at least i don't have a boring name, like jo. I have a fake aunt named jo, she's auntie fufu's bff. They have been since high school, and now there, um over 48... Jo is OK, not my favorite fake aunt, but she's ok. Bought me this really cool scarf... I like scarves! I'm wearing one Sheesh got me now. It's white with blue green and yellow flowers on it. It's purdy! Well, bye!

All my luv,


Corrina <3<3

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