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To early to say good night?

  You may be familiar with the term 'good night.' If you are, then you are like most people! But if your not, it's saying the same thing as sleep tight, sweet dreams, nighty nights, nunight, and anything else like that! Me i say ung. But that's just me. I really don't understand why all these things mean the same thing! Why not one word? And why do we have to wait until later to say this? Why not at 3:08 in the afternoon instead of like 7? I will say good night every time i want to say good morning, or morning! I promise you! Well, i need to go!

All my luv,


Corrina <3<3

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Jen said...

Huh, interesting... When I visited Italy they had one thing for good night, "bona notte." Maybe we have so many because English is spoken in a lot of countries...?
Great post!!