Note book readers ;)


Ok, now i have 30!

  Hiy'all (hI-a-Ll)! I luv all my new followers! YAYAYAYYAYYAYYAYYAY! I thought this day would never come! Allot of days ago ( meaning like 4-5 weeks ago) i got my 20'th!!!! YAY, that was Strawberry Cait Sunday! Froggleggs ( fR-oGg-lEgG-z) i forgot to do my regular web-surfing! Poop (Pu-ou-p) i hate it when i forget things! Weeeeeeell, gotta gooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

All my luvz and kisses,


Corriina <3<3


Jen Eat World said...


Jedi~Chick said...

Awesome blog! Congratulations! :) Follow me? :)

Strawberry Cait Sundae...(I couldn't be bothered logging in. Soz) said...

COOL AS!!!! :) So happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!
Up? Nupp nothing's up
I'm so sorry for not commenting! The reason why I'm not commenting is....well...actually I don't even know why. Wait probably becoz it's skool and I always have to sneak onto the computer and turn it off when somebody comes. Very irritating. Ecspecially when no-one is coming...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY though! That was random. Also it was a days ago but still!