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Boo hoo!!!!!!!!!

  Hello, we are probably not moving to the awesome house :( Saddness): Oh well, easy come easy go... Anyways, does any of you have the last star wars movie? I had one on VCR, but it broke.... And i would kinda want to watch it! Oh well, another easy come easy go moment. Why i randomly just brought that up is because i was reading someones blog (Jedi~chick, to be specific), and the post was all about star wars. Now you understand! RANDOM CHANGE OF SUBJECT!!!! So my mom is going to do a really really nice thing for our pastor, she's going to treat them to a show and diner. But then comes the surprise! Well they are gone my mom and other people from the church are going to clean there house from top to bottom, and there kids are going to sleep over our house, whoopee! My second sleepover where a guy came! yay! Anyways, my aunt is going to make there room look like a hotel room, with a mini fridge and fluffy towels and all that jazz. So, yeah, i would luuuuuuuuuv it if someone would do that for ME! Weeeelll, bye!!!!!!!!!!!

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Loulou said...

So sad about you not going to the house you wanted. But STAR WARS ROCKS! LIKE THE LORD OF THE RINGS! And thanks for understanding my obsessions! I LOVE YOU!