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OMG!!!!!! NEW computer!!!!!!

   HIYA!!!!! This is my first post from our new PC! It's blue! And a flat screen! And loads instantly! And doesn't have all the dumb pics of me and my friends! Wait, that's a bad thing. All my pics of my friends, on our laptop. WAIT a minute! Dad transferred those! Good, i was worried.  Anyways, i'm pretty sure i'm loosing weight. Why i say this is because i'm looking skinnier and feel allot better then usual. Yeah, sweet victory!!!

  I haven't done a random fact in a while. So, here's one: Today is Cinco De Mayo. And that was todays random fact!

  I realy should have a set-up. BLINGLICIOUs has a new one. I should really get one. So, here's what i thought of in 2-4 seconds:

1) Intro
2) Exiting events
3) Questions, optional
4) Thank yous, also optional
5) Random fact
6) News updates
7) Moving struggles
8) Wierd and random storys about my life
9) Curent reads
10) Family news
11) Church news
12) Good bye
13) P.S, optional

So what do ya think? Pretty good for only thinking about it for 2-4 seconds! Hahahaha! Bye!

All my luv and kisses,


Corrina <3<3

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Loulou said...

I like this new layout, but I think that your random posts are really awesome too! so have fun with your posts!