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As to Shannons coment....

   John Lennon was shot, George Harrison was stabbed, survived that (Heaven knows how) and then got cancer when i was a baby. The other two are still alive. Ringo's just Ringo, and Paul is getting married again. Do you know that Paul has an eight year old daughter and a 49 year old daughter and three kids in between??? It's true. Cassidy looked it all up, for her book she's writing. It needs to be accurate, ya know! Has anyone ever heard of the Monkees? Another band from the 60s, yeah. They're all still alive, hated the Beatles. Well they were also a four guy band with long hair. One hippie (symulating George), one short guy (symulating Ringo), one main singer person (symulating Paul), and one group leader kind of person (symulating John). They were copy cat's! And yet they got they're own TV show! And a movie! The Beatles, however, made 5 movies!! Hahahahahhahahaaaaaa! And later made a cartoon show. Sorry, i like making points. Well bye!

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↘Cassidy↙ said...

...who is the lead singer? mike is the leader, but...they all kinda sing except for peter. ???

good post!

Loulou said...

hahah I love how much you love the beatles!!! Keep loving them!