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Cant' dye hair, can't sleep downstairs, BUT, i can make ice tea!

  Hiy'all! So yesterday i once again tried to get my mom to let me dye my hair purple. Utter failure.
  So last night i slept downstairs, can't do that no more. I got in trouble for leaving the TV on and letting my brothers watch it at 6:00 am this morning. But, i'm not to down, kinda. I made myself ice tea!!! Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy! Anyone wanna come over?!?!?!??!?!??!!! Just kiddin, if you wanna swim in the pool you should wait until it's a better day! Hahahahhaahhahhahaaaaaaaaaaa! Last night me and my mom watched The Waltons on INSP. And yesterday was Ringo Starr's birthday. Yay. He's now 71, he should be dead or something! I mean come on! why couldn't George Harrison make it this far??? Answer me that! John Lennon dyed in the 80's. Not to sad about that, though. He was not the best pipe on the, um, wherever they keep the pipes?????? Terrible medifore! Anyways, gotta go get a pomegranate!

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Corrina <3<3

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shannon said...

I can't remember which one of the Beatles was shot...
Tim and I found some guy named George Harrison's grave once. only it is not the beatle guy.