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Happy fourth of July, and almost Beales Wednesday!!!

HI, so yesterday was the fourth of July! Yay! We went to my Uncles cook out at his gross lake. The water is red! RED!!!!! Yeah, i just tanned. But after that we went home i watched a movie ate some diner and then picked up my friend Lily to go to fire works! They were AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sat back with a Snickers and some iced tea (the two best things that were ever invented) and watched. They were gorgeous! And tomorrow is BEATLES WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! I'll have to watch A Hard Day's Night again! Yesterday i watched it twice. Well, anyways i gotsta go!

All my luv,


Corrina <3<3


shannon said...

I have never seen 'A Hard Days' night.
The beatles are funny :)

Anonymous said...

Cool! Sounds like you had a great time, even though the water was red. RED!
Me? I didn't do ANYTHING for Independence Day except watch the Boston Pops. Sigh...