Note book readers ;)


30 day craft challenge!

  Okay, first (before we get into rules) i'll explain what this is. I wanted to be different, so i was trying and trying to do something unique on blogger. So i figured why not make a cool different challenge? So, i made one.

Rules: There's a few different thing you can do, that's what makes this all the more different:

1. Try something new (knitting, painting, exc.)
2. Make a new craft everyday (make pictures, bracelets, exc.)
3. Anything you want!

Pick one of the options, if your interested. So comment back if you want to do it!

All love,


Corrina <3 <3


Cat said...

Sounds great! I'll try to make something everyday, but does art homework count? ;P

Zebra Corr!na said...

if your being creative, it's fine!

Anna said...

I'd love to participate too! I'm making a challenge up too, but I haven't posted it yet, lol it's 15 days of randomness! :) I pick #3.:)