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  How many people does the average person know??? You have probably never thought about that, have you? The average person meets 100,000 people in there life time, you may however only be close to about one hundred of them. You may meet a person who is friendly, but then you forget about them in a year. Or there may be a mean kid you know who you may never forget. I have a good amount of friends, r people i just met, or the people i have seen for years but have never spoken to. I just met a kid (who's name shall be left nameless) who was in my friend Krista's 2nd grade class. She said he looked allot different, but still recognized him. She says the world can be so small at times, but huge at others. She's right, you might have a friend who's friends with another friend, then friends with another friend and it goes on and on until your connected.

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Talia said...

They say that everyone you meet (even strangers you see on the street) are always playing a part in our dreams. Weird, huh?

shannon said...

I think it's pretty neat how things like that work. Cause that means that if you are in a particularly good mood that day, and you do something nice for someone else they'll be happy too. They'll make someone else happy, and it just keeps going on around the world. But if someone has a bad day and makes someone else in a bad mood, then that goes around the world too. So really however you are feeling affects everyone on earth!