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  Ok, so the name is really irrelevant to today's topic, but really, who cares? So, toady's topic is hair. I like my hair, kind of. It's brown and frizzy and poofy. I can do stuff with it, i can braid it and stuff. But i want to dye the tips purple to give is some shazam! I don't want to do allot of it, since i have thick hair, but i do want to do some of it. I am going to dye it after i cut it next year. I'm growing it out for locks-of-love. It has to be 12 inches for me to donate it, it's 18 now. I would do it now, but i kind of want more than 6 inches of hair.

 What would you do with your hair if you could? what should i do with mine? Do you think it's a good idea if i grow my hair for Locks-of -love?

All love,


Corrina <3 <3


shannon said...

I think it would be cool if you dyed the tips of your hair purple. That would be soo cool. Maybe you could get a purple hair extention along with it! :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds fab. Good luck with your intentions, but we very wary. Sometimes dye can ruin certain types of hair. I'll pray that doesn't happen to you.

Zebra Corr!na said...

thx becky, and the tips i can cut off :) i'm safe