Note book readers ;)



   Today is a very good day!  First i get an A+ on my test on the Romans, then i find out i don't have to do school until the 3rd of next month, AND it's only 4 days til Christmas!!!

   I honestly cannot wait until Christmas! If you celebrate christmas i want you all to comment what you want, then i will do the best i can to post a pic of it on here as my present to you... If i could really give it to you i would... But quite allot of you live out of the country/state and the rest of you probably don't want me to know where you live... So this is the best i can do ;)

   Bye, and have a very merry Christmas :)

xxxxxxxxx <(") penguin

Corrina <3<3


Caroline said...

Hey I love your blog and am now a proud follower. Mind following me back?


Corrina said...

Thx! <3 u!!!