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Beautiful you

    Hello all you people out there :) I've been thinking lately, and i have come apon a new discovery...  You don't have to try to be beautiful.  God made you what you are, you don't have to do anything to yourself to feel proud of who you are.  I can't understand people who wear tons of make up, wear to-tight clothes to look "cooler", or anything like that.  It's true I do wear skinny jeans, but not to "be cool", cuz i like to wear them and they're comfy. 


    There's nothing wrong with wearing a little bit of make-up, either.  Since i wear lipstick and am going to wear eye-liner when I'm older.  But, i know a girl, at my church, who wears WAY to much make-up! She wears a lot of really dark eyeshadow, covered by a heavy layer of eye-liner and mascara.  It doesn't make anyone look better, just makes your eyes look to big.

    Anyways, thanks for listening/reading.  Luvyakaybyeee <3


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