Note book readers ;)



  So, hello every peoples!  Yesterday i went to the doctor and they gave me two shots, ugh!  It's amazing how my left arm is still moving at this point!  I got my tetanus booster, and something that began with an M...  Anyways, i am the kind of person who absolutely HATES shots!!!  The M one stung so bad!  It was like a giant bee came and stung my arm off!
FACT:  The bee i n said picture above ^ will NOT sting you!  It is both a bumblebee and a photograph! do not be alarmed!

  Haha, I'm so hilarious! JK.  So, i hope you all have enjoyed this presentation by me! Thank you, carry on!

xxxxxx, luvyakaybyeeee!!!!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely HATE shots too. Last time I think I got what you just wrote about. It really does feel like a bee, at least I imagine. I've never been stung by one. :P I hope writing that didn't jinx my good luck. ;)

~Becky~ *__*

QueeenzzzzXD said...

hahahaha, thanks beckky