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short shorts, 1D, spring break, hair, and birthdays

    I've been away for a while so this explains the mega long title.  First order of business, short shorts.  As we all know summer is right around the corner and this means (for most teenage girls in the USA) short shorts, bikinis, beaches, tanning, pool parties, Ect.  I personally LOVE summer, and a lot of the stuff that goes with it.  I personally however can't sit around all day in the sun rotating every 15 minutes, but if you like it that's cool.  And i am not aloud to wear bikinis, unless i wear a shirt over it.  I love (almost) every part of summer.  I do hate the bugs though. 

    Next order of business, 1Direction.  Most people in the USA and the UK and lots of other places know who 1D is.   A british/irish boy band that was discovered on the X factor.  Me and my sister Cass, really like them.  Well, she likes Niall and i like Harry.  Yup.  That's what i have to say about them.

    Next we have spring break.  Ahh, spring break, the last break you get in the year before summer.  It's very enjoyable for all.  My spring break consists of my brothers birthday/party, social worker visits, and maybe getting my hair cut.  Not to bad of a week... Except that the party and social worker visit conviniently fall on the same day...  Talk about getting your mum stressed out!  Woah...

      Nextly Hair.   As i mentioned in the blurb above i might be getting my hair cut this week.  I don't know how to cut it, except of course with scissors. Duh.  So, that might happen today, maybe possibly.  i want something unique, but that doesn't look horrible.  Hmm, idk.  Any suggestions???

   And lastly birthdays!!!  Yay, one of my favorite topics!  My birthday is in 7 days, and i'm getting an ipod touch! How do i know this?  I had to pay for 90 bucks worth of it.  But, i still got it!  Yay!  Anyone who has a birthday in april and is reading this, happy birthday.  I hope you get everything you ever wanted...  Except that carebear you wanted in the first grade, you probably don't want that anymore... 

   Well, happy short sorts, 1D, spring break, haircuts, and birthday!!!

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