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Poofy skirt and 81 post EXTRAVAGANZA!

   Hi peoples! It's me!!! And today i am wearing my wonderful poofy skirt, it's blue! And this is my 81'st post!!! Thank you thank you! So today i am having a very special post, it's about spring. Spring is almost here, so give it up for spring! My birth day is in Spring, April 24'th to be exact. So now i want you to check your calendars, what day is April 24'th on this year? EASTER!!! Yay, i'm sooo exited! So i normally do a post about the my famil's big birth day party in April, but this year i'm going to get presents on the ******** birth day party AND Easter! Cool right???? Oh, i hope my aunt Terry and aunt Fran are going to take us shopping again, for my b-day, like last year. I spent over one hundred dollars  allot of money at Clairs alone! And that's not including lunch, ice cream, or TAX! I hope that happens again. Yeah, i wont deny that i get spoiled. If you ask me i'll say "Yeah, i know," So don't ask me!!! Oh well bye!

Peace, luv, and Spring!!

Corrina <3<3


shannon said...

I like poofy things.:) :)

↘Cassidy↙ said...

extravagentganza. that's not a word. shannon, you like anything that's not made of your strawberry shortcake doll we drowned in my backyard.